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Yoli will answer your money questions across a range of financial topics like budgeting, saving, investing, insurance, and estate planning. Yoli gives personalizes guidance based on real conversations and provides recommendations directly to your in-box.
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Walk through a Financial 360 and get a personalized financial plan and action items to build wealth.
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Join the waitlist for the WealthBuild Platform get full access to Yoli, budgeting tools, and step-by-step financial guidance.

Why Wealthbuild

WealthBuild makes financial planning and building wealth easy and straightforward for the 99%
Features included :
Financial planning plus education.
Real-time financial advice.
Uncomplicated budgeting.
Connected accounts for managing your money in one place.
Earn WB tokens for engaging with the community.
Other personal finance apps:
Recommendations based on your bank account, not your real life.
Cash management v.s. building Net Worth.
One size fits all financial advice
Manage Your Money with Confidence.
No more being overwhelmed or ashamed about your finances
Yoli + the Wealthbuild platform =
Money Made Simple.
Personal Finance is confusing for everyone, we break through the confusing jargon and give you advice based on your unique financial situation.
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Make Smart Financial Decisions
All your money questions answered with straightforward advice. On-demand financial guidance that gives you personalized  recommendations based on conversations with Yoli.
All your accounts in one place.
Know Your Worth. Connect all your accounts in one place and stay on track of your budget, monitor your Net Worth and more with Smart SMS money tips.
Advice based on your life, not your bank account
Our "Money Maps" guides give you step-by-step guidance related to real life events, like getting married, graduating, buying a house and more.